Saturday, January 24, 2015

40% of my life

Almost. As we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary, my "George" and I realized that we have been married for almost 40 percent of our lives.

In this shared life, we have grown through:  
unknown and exciting challenges (multiple moves across the country, Kris' PhD attainment, parenthood) 
heartache (loss of Mama Lynn, Papa Ross, beloved grandparents, loneliness, longing)
immeasurable blessings (have you met our 4 magical boys? Community, friendship)
fear/anxiety (Who in the world has this parent thing figured out? Unanswered questions) 
joy in abundance (in my every day. I wake up and know that I'm loved. And then there's the other 4 marvelous men I live beside - endless joy) 
a deep and abiding love that passes all understanding (or reason, sometimes). I had no idea that love meant this. 

As Madigan announced in Costco, yesterday: "Mama, I want to be a daddy. Our dad is really fabulous, and I will be a fabulous dad too." Truly stated, my boy. 

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