Sunday, November 30, 2014

Trucks, apple cores and hugs.

Tiger logic: "Bundle, eat your food." "I can't eat because I'm thinking." "I need you to eat." "Okay, then I'll NEVER think again." Bummer.
"Mommy, please drive over the hill." "No, Bundle, because I just drove past the turn to go up the hill and it will be too hard to turn around in this traffic." "Okay, then, Christmas is NEVER coming again. We'll not be able to have a tree, and I'm going to be so unhappy." Understandable. ?
"Bundle, how many apples have you eaten today?" "I had one. See, this is one, and this is one, and this is one, and this is one." (Obviously) Snacking doesn't count (literally).

Paugieland: "Mommy, look how beautiful it is outside!" "I know, Paugie, this day is wonderful!" "It's perfect! Mommy, it's purple!" All things great are... purple.
"Paugie, you need to put your pants on." "I don't think so. I'm praying." Got it.
"Paugie, are you running water again?" "No Mommy, I'm playing in the pond (bathroom sink). It's the purple pond." Of course.
"Mommy, I'm tired." "Oh, Paugie, do you want to take a little rest?" "No, Mommy, I want to snuggle and I need a morning mug, and my blanket." Cure for many an ill.
"Daddy, give me a hug and a kiss. Give Lochlan a hug and a kiss. Give Bundo a hug and a kiss. Give Kelto a hug and a kiss. Daddy, Daddy, don't go (commence weeping and hysteria)... you have to kiss Mommy and give her a hug too!" He hadn't seen that Mommy was first in line. :-) He's always insistent that the love be complete and thoroughly given in this household.

The babies? Just being awesome, like always. Jevy swaggers about with a smile, throwing himself jovially into any welcoming arms. This morning, Jevy reached his paws around Kelto who had awkwardly climbed upon him and said in his toddler speak, "I wuv you." Kelto is crawling from room to room, eating all things gross and inedible, smiling at everyone he encounters, and trying to keep tabs on Mommy (impossible mission, even for a really, really determined baby).

Team WORK. 

It's always a good time for a hug.


Hide and seek in the woods. "Run, Mommy, hide!" 

"Come on, lil bro." 

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