Thursday, November 27, 2014

I'm counting

Last week: 7 days, 4 sick boys, 2 weary parents, 34 loads of laundry, 32 diarrhea diapers, 1 (very) sick dog, 1 very large vet bill, 4 bitterly cold days.

As if to spite the challenges, the sun has risen every day, the little people in my life are filled with enthusiasm each morning to see what the day holds for them, and I have only to sit down and marvel and what I've been given. The boy I married 13 years ago is such a wonderful father to this pack of happy boys and yet still has capacity (energy) to love me heartily. I am surrounded by 5 wonderful men, 1 delightful Cray-Cray, 1 determined Scottish Terrier, and 2 beautiful horses - I am thankful.

The ever-talented Gumbum (see her website!) snapped this gallery when she visited a couple weeks ago.

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