Saturday, November 08, 2014

Engaged in "Crawl"itics

This dear person is rapidly developing into the little man he is meant to be. He is all baby in so many (wonderful) ways, but every day I see glimpses of that grown up self that is (far too) soon to be and he is riding this maturity train with success and accomplishment. The boy had no choice but to master the crawl in order to keep proper tabs on Mommy, who seems to flit from one room to the next (faster than could possibly be necessary). He is now quite efficient at keeping up with this household of busy critters! 

7 Month old Mr. Incredible - just livin' up to his name. :-) 

"I'm not sure..." 

"You think I can? Okay, let's do this!" 

"Oh yeah, rockin' the house!" 

"That's why they call me the Crawl Master!" 

"Admit it... I'm crawl-tastic."

"Watch out, here I come!" 

Mission Accomplished. 

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kmac said...

Love this sweet happy boy so much!