Monday, July 14, 2014

Glory Days

Good morning! 4 wet diapers changed. New outifts on. Hot tea and/or vanilla steamers 1,2, and 3. Breakfast 1,2,3,4 - oh yeah, and sometimes I remember Mommy's breakfast too. Laundry started. Cuddle time (it's a snuggle fest!). Pooper 1. Pooper 2. Wipe bum 1. Wipe bum 2. Wipe Bum 1 again.  Pooper 2, again. Pee change on Pooper 1. Load everyone into car to go feed the horse. Unload/re-load everyone for quick stop at a park (gotta let those Tiger legs run!). Read stories - eldest completely/overwhelmingly engaged, second-born playing trains, third-born cleaning the toilet with Mommy's toothbrush, fourth-born frantically eating his own fists and rolling from his back to tummy with expertise. Lunch. Followed by more diapers, more food, more cuddling, more reading, more laundry, more vanilla steamers, dinner and bath time. When bedtime rolls in I'm both relieved and disappointed. I'm faced with the possible chance of a quiet moment, but find myself missing the energy and abundant enthusiasm that is CONSTANT in these little critters. In truth these humans drain my (physical, mental and, often, emotional) energy while simultaneously filling me with life. These are my glory days and I wouldn't trade them for anything. 

From the Peanut Gallery: 
Observed my Tiger growling ferociously at a bee - he informed me, later, that his mission was successful and the bee departed. 
Was informed (by aforementioned Tiger) that my choice to place him in his bed for consideration/reflection on the merits of obedience were "unfair and unkind". Taming of wild animals NOT approved. 
When asked if he was a "good big brother" by Trader Joes employee, Tiger responded: "Yes, and I have bunk beds and Paugie sleeps on the bottom". Concrete proof, my friends. 
Today, this same red-head rushed into the house and said, "Where's Hun-Hun? We're leaving for Austin". I like the way you think, my boy. 
"Mummi, did you make this all by yourself? It's DEWICIOUS!" And with a British accent? I'll cook for you all day, my boy! 

Kelto(n) the Shmelto has continued to "Shmelt" our hearts each day and as his awareness/interaction increases, I find myself in constant marvel of him. His bright eyes watch his brothers constantly and he giggles and squirms when they go cantering by. When I kiss him all over his (delightful) face, he resists for a second, then goes in for a slobbery open-mouthed kiss and an "I eat yo face" determination. He has also mastered hide-and-seek and jumps when we say, "Boo!". I'm smitten. 

Lochlan caught some terrible plague, but in spite of his suffering over the past 10 days has continued to smile and bring joy to each of us. He has just needed extra love which is happily received/administered in hugs. He is a snuggle master! If I kneel down on the floor and hold my arms out, he ALWAYS smiles, ambles over and falls straight into a hug. This boy is pure joy. 

Paugie has displayed behavior this week SUGGESTIVE of a three year old (versus, say, Tyrannical Two). He has also discovered bashfulness, which is utterly adorable when he's caught off guard; he covers his face in a shy grin and his (famous) eyes actually sparkle (I'm pretty sure). The latest from his charm bucket: "Mommy, can you make me a morning mug?". His coined term for his morning steamer (hot milk with a lil' honey) really is too much. 

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Unknown said...

Quite possibly the most charming blog post I've ever read- typed in a British accent! Love to you all and miss you terribly!