Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4 boys and a horse

I dare not write much, as my weary brain would, no doubt, betray me. It is almost 11pm and I feel Declan snuggled up against me, sighing contentedly... something about Mommy seems to ease the "sping" of his broken leg. Ahhh, yes, that was among our list of accomplishments this week. He has been an incredibly brave boy with an-almost-full-leg cast (more on that in the next entry). Lochlan has sworn off sleep, indefinitely, so he is still chatting bountifully to himself, with periodic outbursts of hearty laughter (makes it hard to be truly annoyed with him). He sometimes, eventually, succumbs in the wee hours of the morning, but with much resistance. Our beloved friends, Don and Karen, have often said parenting is the world's longest running sleep deprivation experiment (George said it is in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions). Truly spoken. Madigan has been a very helpful big brother, and has been fretful about the care of his brother(s). As with all caged tigers, he's needing some open range time - time to run, stretch his legs, pounce on some unsuspecting prey, let off some steam. I think a stroll in the park tomorrow will definitely be in order. Kelton is asleep. Bless him... so much! His job (charming everyone at all times) is a full time gig, and it plum wears him out by the end of the day. He seemed a little more melancholy tonight so I'm suspicious that he might be feeling the twinge of teeth making their first appearance (one of life's most cruel injustices).

My horse? She's just incredible. Smart, funny, sensitive, steady, curious, snarky, compliant, defiant, and utterly endearing. Love.

Pictured below are my 4 year old, 3 year old (Devany), 2 year old, 1 year old and 4 month old (not in that order).

His "red boy" outfit. A source of pride.
Jail birds. Paugie's favorite (and only) outfit...
Booked for disorderly conduct.
No remorse.
Oh my word, he leaves me speechless.

Contemplative - always.
Like I said...
See... he's exhausted.
Because he's got to be THIS!
Just the thought of it...
Sometimes rests are required even for him.
This really doesn't need a caption. :-)
Eating boogers? Maybe.
Red head.
She nickers at me when I drive up... totally melts me.
Almost a real, grown-up horse!

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Gwenn said...

Oh my gosh. What a hoot. Love your picture captions! Sigh. Your plate is very full my dear. And oh how I love how you cope with it. The magic of your positive attitude just pervades everything. No wonder your boys are so incredibly delightful!!! Love you all so much. Mom