Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Four men and a crib

I've been working on getting the boy's room put back together, with the exciting addition of bunk beds and a "learning tree". The tree is only partially completed, as it still needs the leaves and of course a "silly Ol' (pooh) bear", saying "Think, think, think". We're going to learn different things each week, which will then be fastidiously placed upon the learning tree; hence they can be further reflected upon and considered by weary boys who lie upon their beds.
Bunk beds!

Embroidered burp clothes made by my friend, Melanie...

Bear necessities.

The "learning tree".

Many of these photos are fuzzy due to the constant blur of activity.

So much love...

My brown boys.

They actually argue over him. :-)

blurry, but delicious.

Snuggle fest.

A helping hand [finger].

I found THIS this morning.

and THIS!

Yep... for real.
Those four little men and a crib...

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