Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Tummy hu(r)ting...

Madigan had the stomach flu this past weekend, so when he says "My tummy hurting", we take it seriously these days. Today, however, he seemed fine, but he was coming up with some pretty clever reasons why we should delay naptime. Example:

Madigan: "Mommy, my tummy hu(r)ting."

Mommy: "Is your tummy really hurting?"

Madigan: "Mommy, my tummy hu(r)ting... baby kickin!" (Simultaneously rubbing his belly and wrinkling his brow into a furrow.)

Mommy: "Oh, is the baby kickin' inside your tummy?"

Madigan: "Yeah, baby kickin'! It's hu(r)ting."

So, Mommy didn't buy that particular argument, but she did think it was rather clever, nevertheless!

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