Monday, September 17, 2012

Adventure of an Equine lifetime...

I found a sorry looking apple in my fruit basket and set it aside to give to Fancy tonight... then I crumpled into tears.

After agonizing for months about what might be best for our whole family during this crazy season of our lives, I made a decision about how best to utilize my horses over the next 3 years (you know, once my kids are all walking and "hopefully" potty trained).  I offered to loan Fancy to Take The Reins, an amazing therapeutic riding program in Thompson's Station, TN. They came out to meet her 2 weeks ago and loved her (I would tell you, "what's not to love?"). She will be a part of their program for up to 3 years, at which point she will be retired and returned home to this very happy family, or reevaluated for additional time. What an opportunity for a special horse to touch the lives of so many who might need her...

So, hence the tears and apple scenario from earlier. I am honored that my horse would be considered for this program, but I will miss her every single day, with a vengeance. I must focus my energy on Devany, who inherited all the best qualities of her mother. I am excited to take this very talented, raw equine and train her the things I taught Fancy... and then pray that she will live up to the standard of a particularly great horse I know. 

I have included a bit of a "picture gallery" of Fancy's life alongside my own over the past 16 years. I look forward to adding more photos when my boys start learning to ride on her!

She was a part of my life in Arizona (where she was born), then Virginia Beach, then off to college in Tennessee, and next to Maryland when George and I got married, then Austin Texas, where we lived for 7 years (and where she had her first foal, Caspian), and then finally to Nashville where she had her second foal, Devany and where I had my first 2 kids (+ 1 on the way). We have shared so much of life together! I apologize that the photo quality on some of these is horrible...

1 day old

8 months old

pencil drawing I did of Fancy and her mom, Jasi

1.5 years old

I love my horse!

Training... 2 years old

First hand-gallop, 3.5 years old

A girl loves her first pair of shoes!

Never take cuddle time for granted

Ride after class while K and I were in college

Mama Horse and her first baby, Caspian

A Horse and her Girl

My pocket pony - best ride ever.

A part of every season in life...

Devany: she's got some shoes to fill!


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Perty Mama Horse, we love her so much!

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Such a neat part of your life!