Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Four Loves

by Madigan McGary (in no particular order)

  • Vacuum Cleaner. What does one need to say about the virtues of a vacuum cleaner that aren't already obvious? It is entertaining, hard-working, present in every home near and far, always removing the "nasty" from life, even if it does suck. It comes in many different colors and in all sizes and shapes - unique is a beautiful thing! You can plug it into anything, including the couch... how cool is that?! Enough said! 
  • "Pauge" (Declan). Best baby brother a Tiger could ask for. He's got curls and cutes and follows Tiger cues into the thick and thin, perfectly imitating the naughty and the nice. He can't walk yet, so though he follows the Tiger everywhere, he isn't fast enough to really be annoying (yet). He is super fun to wake up from naps and to chat it up with in the mornings when Mommy hasn't shaken her lazy bones into action. He is huggable and kissable, but also really fun to sit on top of. His milk bottle is always convenient and accessible - a MAJOR PLUS when the household menu is less than stellar. 
  • Hun-Hun. The most famous bear in all the world. Simply put: the Tiger world would not exist in the absence of his most faithful companion. Hun-Hun is loyal and willing. He loves to dance, go everywhere his Tiger goes, and sit on the table "chatting" while the Tiger is forced to eat whatever horrible substance Mommy has laid out for dinner. He has a little internal bell which rings every time he is hugged up close and he is totally cool with being tossed about wildly, being sat upon, smothered and bathed in the horse's water trough (he got that particular privilege today). 
  • And lastly (but assuredly NOT leastly), Hitch! Hitches are without dispute the most fantastic invention of mankind. They are fascinating to understand in all their complexity. Horse trailer hitches are the best and really are the foundation for all other hitches in existence. They are sturdy, and useful and all the cool (noteworthy) vehicles have one. There are captivating videos made about them and they are the inspiration for the imagination (see awesome trailer hitch video - beats Saturday morning cartoons!). Tigers are actually experts on hitches, so if you have a question, you know who to call.


Joshua said...

That's a very informative video about trailer hitch safety. If you want to be impressed with some amazing maneuverability, check this one out!

susan said...


Joshua said...

Saw a hitch today.... on a 1994 Nissan Sentra. Don't think they pulled horses with it.