Friday, February 24, 2012

Arizona here we come!

Declan and I just returned from a wonderful, albeit all too brief, trip to visit Grumba and Gumbum in Arizona. Madigan was not invited since his manners on airplanes still leave something to be desired and Mommy did not want to pose as a security risk. Declan managed to charm his way through the security line enabling smooth sailing past (i.e. NOT through) the cancer boxes. Sweet!

We spent time just catching up, seeing all the improvements my parents are perpetually making to their beautiful home (it wasn't always beautiful, trust me), stalking Starbucks, and hiking in the awe-inspiring red rocks of Sedona. Why is Arizona so stinkin' beautiful??? There are days, weeks, months of trails through some of the most beautiful country in the US, just waiting to be explored by the inquisitive traveler, along with a trusty pair of hiking boots. I never understood my Dad's obsession with the "open skies of Arizona - God's country" when I was just a girl. But I have found that with time there is a longing I have to be there, savoring God's creation in all it's raw beauty.

Here are a few photos that Mom took over the weekend. I'll post more from the hiking, later.

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