Friday, February 03, 2012

2 busy boys

As Madigan and I were walking - well, running - around the block he pulled me to a stop and made us backtrack about 3 houses, saying "uh oh". He had seen a piece of trash in the neighbor's yard and since we're the local clean up crew it was our responsibility to keep the neighborhood sparkling.

Declan is learning to count. When we count to 5 with him, he starts focusing at 1, stares intently at 2, smiles at 3, starts wiggling in anticipation at 4, and giggles and squints at 5, when we tickle his nose.

Last fall Grandma came and showed Madigan that he had tickle toes. She tickled his feet and said "tickle, tickle, tickle". His version is "diggadoo". Now, anytime he needs shoes, socks or something done with his feet, he says "Diggadoo! Diggadoo!" I think it's so cute.

Declan is smack in the middle of teething and is completely miserable. Last night when he was whimpering I pulled him up close to my neck and started singing to him. He laid his head on my shoulder and started sucking his thumb. He lay there for 10 minutes, wide awake and snuggly like a bunny. These are the moments I live for!

I went to take Madison and Valiant out this morning and was standing on the sidewalk with bare feet waiting for them. Madigan looked at my feet, turned and walked away from me without saying anything and disappeared inside the house. 10 seconds later he emerged with a pair of Daddy's shoes, placed them in front of me and asked me to put them on. Why is he so cute?

Declan has been doing crunches... he's got to keep up with those skinny rolls! It's hilarious to watch him lying on the floor pulling himself up as far as he can go, holding and then falling back with frustration. I think he's trying to get in shape so that he can keep up with his older brother!

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kmac said...

If my heart keeps melting, there won't be much left of it soon.