Friday, July 10, 2009

New Life

Most of you probably know that we are expecting an additional member of our family in January of 2010! We, unfortunately, do not have any photos to share with you yet, as we haven't been able to get an ultrasound due to job/insurance changes we've experienced recently. We promise to post something as soon as we have it, though. :-)

Some "notables" from the past couple weeks:
• Food consumption: I’m constantly hungry. I'm trying to keep fruits and veggies within constant reach so that the temptation to snack doesn’t lead to unnecessary calories
• Fancy is overly-protective of me, making sure all other horses know that she’s the “Mama Horse” and thus the designated guardian
• The reality still hasn’t hit us yet, so we’re excited about getting a real live picture of this new member of our family
• Today is the first day I’m officially feeling uncomfortable in my corduroy pants – I think we had a bit of a growth spurt this week, if food consumption was any indication

We'll post photos soon!


kmac said...

perty mama horse.

Shiva said...

Wonderful news. Congrats folks.

Unknown said...

The secret to not gaining unnecessary calories is simple, and you already know it... ants!

cheryl said...

So excited for y'all! Congrats. ;o)