Sunday, January 21, 2024

Going Viral

 It's like a potluck. This virus went all out for us. It took a smattering of all the worst viruses combined and made one big tossed salad of horrible for us to enjoy. Just when you're finishing one course, it's on to the next hellish surprise. 

My ride on this train started 9 days ago and I have a tiny hope that I might regain my energy and all the other things I've lost in the process in another few weeks.  10 days ago, I was hiking through the hills. That night, the chills started. Violent chills - the kind that shake you to pieces. Then, the aching. Four days into the aching I felt like my everything was just pulling apart. I wasn't able to sleep both because my fever was uncontrollably high, but also because the aching simply prevented anything except wishing I was no longer alive. :-) 

Bumpy was an incredible nurse, never leaving my side. Several times she climbed onto me to make sure I was awake. Each time my temperature had risen dangerously high. I'm not sure how she knew, but she did.  Aberdeen took care of the whole family. She dutifully worried about each of us and was available for cuddling 24/7. There's something incredibly comforting about a soft body snuggled up as close as it can get. 

My parents were the unsung heroes of this story. My mom made us countless meals and it was absolutely critical. My dad helped keep the A-frame stocked in pellets for the fireplace and he even came and cleaned out our filthy horse pens before the encroaching storms arrive. I simply do not know how we would have made it through this without them. 

The absolute worst part of the whole ordeal has been watching the kids suffer and being almost entirely helpless to assist them. They didn't have as severe of a case as I did, but they were suffering incredibly. Kris also got it, but his case was mild, thankfully. 

After facing fevers, body aches, chills, chest congestion and subsequent coughs, diarrhea, vomiting, exhaustion, loss of appetite, taste and sense of smell, and then the loss of all energy, we are all finally, slowly turning a corner. We're not ready to take on any marathons yet, but I was able to brush my hair today. So, you know, there's that. 

It's viruses like this that make us paranoid. We heard of it hitting those we love all over the country from Virginia to Oregon, but we were holding out hope that maybe just maybe we'd dodge the bullet. Alas. 

Here's to goodbyes... saying goodbye to this virus will be a joyful event for each of us. We're ready to begin wandering again. 


Anonymous said...

Wow you put my experience too into a perfect description! I am so VERY SORRY you got this …. But I KNOW exactly how you felt… I am still tired …. Thank the Lord for your folks! Love you dear friend.

Anonymous said...

I have truly missed your daily photos of the magical place that resuscitates you each time you go there. May your recovery rival the demonic onset of viral malady in its swiftness and totality. Love you, dearest!