Tuesday, November 14, 2023

To find courage


There's so much in a day. 

These treasured, fleeting years together... I hold onto the moments where I am able, but we cannot any of us hold them the way we wish to. I capture the memories in these tiny snippets, in photos which don't do them justice. I hold the treasures of this day, of yesterday, of yesteryear and the years before that in my heart. 

Lochlan has vomited a lot this week. Disappointment has knocked hard as another dream is left unfulfilled. I feel the weight of loved ones near and far who will say goodbye to pet's they love, and the brokenness of this world places it's ugly mark yet again. Loneliness hovers. Just taking the next step sometimes feels monumental, but I know the importance of it and I will walk in obedience to do exactly that. When I am weary, it is the marked wonder of what surrounds me that I look upon and absorb. 

I am forever reminded to take courage if it is the wilderness that I wander today. I will behold it's beauty that I might never lose the wonder. 

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