Thursday, November 23, 2023

Guns in the dishwater

"Please do not put your guns in my dishwater!"


There are so many things I never thought I would say. Back when we belonged to the DINK (dual income no kids) category, life was simply... well, simpler. For the first 9 years of marriage, we faced our fair share of challenges, but in 4 major ways, life wasn't as complicated or as full. 

Today, this day of Thanksgiving, I spent the majority of the day watching - really watching - and absorbing all that was going on around me. I was in the kitchen preparing stuff for the Thanksgiving meal, but I had my eyes and ears on the smallish humans that were busy being busy about me. 

Declan's puns DO NOT STOP and he just subtly drops them in response to almost everything that is said. I asked him to vacuum the floor and he took over 1 hour to do so because he was thorough and unhurried. He was listening to his audio book while he worked but it didn't distract him from doing an incredible job. At one point, I frustrated him today because I took out my frustration in a way I shouldn't have. I asked him to forgive me for being unkind and for treating him in a way that I should not have treated him. He laid his head on my shoulder and said, "Of course I forgive you. You're allowed to make mistakes." Unconditional love... it's beautiful. 

Kelton has walked over at least a dozen times today to kiss me - on my shoulder, on my hand, on my cheek, or on the top of my head if I happened to be bent over to do something. He helped me make cookies, bread and even the turkey. He looked at me this evening and said, "Mom, this was a really great day. I just loved every minute of it." Happy little heart. 

Lochlan followed me around, taste testing everything he could. He pointed at the oven and said, "Turkey ready?" for over 3 hours. He was in a wonderful mood until I told him not to eat the chocolate pie. Then, he melted, but only for a couple moments because honestly there was just so much else to anticipate! He looked at the mountain tonight while we were outside waving goodbye to everyone after dinner. He grabbed my hand and said, "Pretty". The sky was beautiful with pinks and oranges and yellows, but his appreciation for it was extraordinary!  

Madigan tackled one wood project after another wood project all day long. His mind is full of ideas and inventions and his abilities are not far behind his creative mind. It's exciting to see all that he is capable of. He was frustrated to the point of tears when he attempted to dedicate some time to teaching Declan how to properly row a raft. Declan was disinclined to acquiesce to his request. The man (Madigan) was quite put out! We talked for a while about the temptation to be bossy and in charge... he reluctantly agreed that he may have some tendencies in that direction. 

It's another day; a holiday, but the magic of the ordinary filled my heart this day.


Anonymous said...

Our precious human offspring and to have the privilege to love and interact with them even imperfectly is such an incredible and uncontainable blessing. Yours are exceptional!

denisemayen said...

Oh, I love this, friend! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your world. Wish I lived nearer to share some of it with you. -Denise