Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Golden forests beckon us...

Golden forests beckon us. 

We've had a difficult time ignoring the call these past many days. We rush through school and find ourselves wandering the forests of gold and green. The days have been unrealistically perfect. Oh, to bottle the memories, catch the wonder and hold it for the darker days that will find us. 

I am so thankful we are given seasons, to remind us that each season in life, too, is just that... a season. Winter does eventually have to give way to spring which captivates us with an abundance of new life. Spring must give way to summer which so often the season of adventure(s), when the new life from spring is given a chance to grow and prosper. Then, fall is upon us in golden glory and if we dare to blink it is gone as fast as it came. I find that I face winter with anticipation coupled with dread. Each season promises much and sometimes we are not prepared to face what it holds for us. 

Let me bask in the golden rays of today... 

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