Saturday, September 10, 2022

Goblin Tetris


Over the past week we have begun to build and put into place gabion walls to replace the thousand of sandbags that we had placed to protect the property. We have gathered rocks from our property as well as Kathy's, trailer load by trailer load. Some rocks have had to be pried out of the dried mud using a pinch bar and a shovel. Then, we bent thick wire fencing in half (length wise), attached two pieces together (using hog rings and/or metal wiring) to create a cage and then we reinforced with rows of wires. We cleared out the sandbags, rocks and excess dirt and put the empty walls into place. Then, we filled them with all the rocks of various sizes and closed them up. It has been a monumental job and I actually do not think I've ever been so physically exhausted in all my life. We decided that filling the walls is very much like a game of Tetris - oversized goblin Tetris. It is rewarding to see the fruit of our labors, though. We are praying that they are effective against the flood water that is predicted for the next few days. 

The boys have been incredibly hard working through the process, helping me every step of the way. Some days they have had stellar attitudes and some days are grumpier. They have persevered and I am amazed at each of them. I think the world could learn a lot from these amazing humans I get to live with. 

At the close of most of these very long days, if I could still move, I would scamper out to my hill to find renewed strength, perspective, hope and courage. 

One evening, as we went to bed, Kelton sleepily put his arm on mine and said, "Mom, please wake me up before the sun tomorrow morning. I want to see the sunrise with you." I told him that if I woke up before the sun I would rouse him from his slumber to join me. :-) 

(I sent the wee man back to bed as soon as the sun had smiled upon us.) 

On the day we finished the last wall (of this set... we still have 16 walls to complete), I headed to Phoenix so that I could make an early morning flight to Oregon the following day for a birthday trip that Krista gave me. Krista met me and we have been spending time with beloved friends, visiting places that hold a plethora of memories for us, and just savoring time with one another. My body is still tired and fairly sore, but my heart is full and my spirit is rejuvenated. 

As we walked along the beach, I watched the waves crash into the rocks along the Bandon shore. I sat down on a sandbank, closed my eyes, smelled the salty air and felt the breath of the Creator through His creation. 

It is good to be out of the flood zone for a few days, to sleep at night and to temporarily feel free from the weight of the responsibilities of so much of life right now. Though we grow weary, we must not resign. I will face every tomorrow that is given to me, and I will keep in forward motion. I will find the strength if it does not belong to me yet and I will not be alone.

And... I will shower periodically too. :-) 

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