Monday, March 21, 2022

Tiny and Amazing

This handsome critter is celebrating 8 years today. He fills so much of the joy and laughter in this family, and brings delight to all who know him well. In all things Kelton is all-in, heart and soul; he puts everything he is, gives everything he has and brings everything he can be. He creates, builds and inspires. He antagonizes his brothers to no end and adds spice to anything that has the potential of being bland. He says the most absurdly funny things when we least expect them and does so completely innocently. He makes no effort to be funny and yet we find ourselves in a constant stream of laughter in his presence. He cares deeply about others. He is dramatic at times, but most unnecessary expressions of such drama can be curtailed with simple sound reasoning. He wants to do what is right and the struggle is real when the naughty tries to dominate. He usually takes admonishment well. There is great strength coupled with humility in this man who is still in his youth, and sometimes I am tempted to fear what will be required of him as he navigates through this broken world. I know, however, that he is not ever alone and that I am not the one who can protect him and continue to give him Divine strength and wisdom. 

He is a great little brother and adored by each of his brothers. But, what is incredibly beautiful is how he takes on the role of big brother so often with Lochlan (who is older than him), helping take care of his needs, encouraging him to speak through words or sign language, entertaining him, engaging him, loving on him fiercely and helping us all constantly watch over him. He does so with no resentment or sense of burden. It is genuine love. 

He has requested carrot cake with cherries and chocolate on top. That pretty much sums it up. 

I love you beyond measure and I am incredibly proud of who you are and who you are becoming. 


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denisemayen said...

Happy birthday Kelton!