Thursday, February 18, 2021

Would you rather be a dump truck or a vulture?


Kelton is at an age where he gives me choices. A whole lot of choices. I "get" to pick between two different options and opting out of my given choices is not an option. Some of my recent options: 

"Mama, would you rather eat dead, rotten, deer carcass or a bean burrito?" 
"Would you rather eat trash I just saw by the side of the road, or a donut?" 
"Would you rather live in Flagstaff or the Everglades National Forest where the pythons live?" 
"Would you rather be a Burmese python or an animal that can be bitten by a king cobra?" 
"Would you rather be a brown bear or a black jaguar?" 
"Would you rather be a polar bear or a brown bear?"
"Would you rather eat shrimp which would kill you or fish eggs?" 
"Would you rather be a skunk or a raven?"
"Would you rather be in a boat that has a leak on the ocean or hiking up here on your mountain?" 
"Would you rather do Math all day and not know any of the answers or snuggle on the couch with Aberdeen?" 

"Would you rather be an eagle or a vulture?" 
"Would you rather be a Robin or a vulture?"
{And in his effort this afternoon to get me to say I'd rather be a vulture...}
"Would you rather be a vulture or a glass window?"
"Would you rather be the bumper on a car or a vulture?"
"Would you rather be a tree that is dying or a vulture?"
"Would you rather be the wind which blows away forever or a vulture?"
"Would you rather be a dump truck or a vulture? 

"Would you rather eat a camera or a walking stick?"
"Would you rather live in Antarctica or in a lighthouse?"
"Would you rather drive this car (4-Runner) or a semi with a flat tire about to drive off the road?" 
"Would you rather have pancakes made out of crushed egg shells or salad made out of tree branches?" 
"Would you rather ride on a black cloud over the Peaks, or in a nice warm airplane which would be struck by lightning?" 
"Would you rather clean the house or eat horse poop?" 

Clearly some of my options are preferable. Some really lack luster. What I find particularly hilarious is how exhausting it is to answer them all. Like, I really put thought into the possibilities. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong. :-) 

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