Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I just had to pee...

 I just had to pee. 5 visitors interrupted me. It's crazy, you see?! Oh, the irony! 

First, it was the white paw underneath the door - Aberdeen, you're so predictable. 

Second, Declan needed to tell me that Kelton had called him "poop". Nice. 

Third, Kelton needed to tell me that he had called Declan's bicycle "poop". Much better, obviously. 

Fourth, Winston scratched at the door, desperate because he was surely missing out on something. 

Fifth, Lochlan walked in to start a load of laundry (which is not allowed). :-) 

There are basically no moments of actual privacy in my life right now. But, you know what? I wouldn't trade this season for any other season that has been or is to come. I love (and hate, but mostly love) the constant noise. The unbelievable amount of laughter. The ridiculous requests. The insane amount of laundry.  The filthy floors in my house. The bicycles that litter my yard. The electric fence around the entire perimeter of the property. I love the Aberdeen paws climbing up the stairs to my bed to snuggle way too early in the morning. The gross bathroom (boys' bathrooms are nasty - that's all). the refrigerator that I can't keep food in. The 4-Runner that is never clean. The four bunk beds that fill our house. I love our tea time in the morning, when we talk about the mundane and the important. The tears over Math because it's HORRIBLE. Listening to the boys laugh at the Calvin and Hobbes books they read at night. Hearing Lochlan roar in happiness as his brothers chase him around the house with his new Jeep toy. I love the dirty, messy, noisy and (so much) unpleasant, because it means these boys (and great dogs) are here, filling my life with joy and hope.

That moment when you go to smell the lotion... at high altitude. :-)

This life is lacking in perfection and we are all epic failures and brilliant successes in our own right, yet each day continues to be full of wonder and promise. We find encouragement in the most unexpected places and I am reminded each day that there is so much more than I can imagine. 

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AZ Crazy Lady said...

Beautifully written... it may be more meaningful to those of us who know the whole family because we can "see" and "hear" them saying it. I am proud to know you, this woman who is strong, yet gentle, and who knows how to put her priorities in order. The boys and dogs are dear to me, and I am loving that I have the honor to watch them grow and develop. Thanks for sharing and letting me be a part of the "family."