Friday, October 09, 2020

Family Vacation - ADAPT

 Colorado... it calls to us. :-) We very nearly canceled this trip because we weren't sure how Lochlan was going to be, as he had started his treatment for the negative bacteria in his body. At the last minute, we decided to brave it, pack a lot of extras for Lochlan as well as a plethora of sanitation wipes. 

We left without much of a concrete plan and each morning we took a carefree approach to the remainder of the day. We spent a lot of time in Telluride, exploring the trails around the town, riding the Gondola (amazing and FREE for everyone), eating donuts, shopping at the thrift store, and drinking coffee.  

Max and Kaysee joined us and it was such a delight to have them along. We're already planning the adventure for next year! :-) 

Our nights were cold, but by night 3 we had nailed it (everyone stayed warm)! The forests were glimmering with golden leaves and the chill in the air brought fall into full focus. When we planned this family vacation, we had really not considered the turning of the leaves, so when we entered the golden forests, my heart nearly exploded for joy. 

Wilderness camping is definitely a "go" for this family... Lochlan can't wander into fellow campers' tents, our very loud children are unlikely to have a negative impact on anything more than the chipmunks, and I finally feel like I can relax and just be. Lochlan had multiple accidents, and though I had prepared in advance, I had not accounted for just HOW MANY he would have. So, I washed laundry in the river, we invested in some large diapers, and we purchased a couple back-up pants at the obliging thrift store. Disaster was (mostly) averted. I felt like this whole family (including Max and Kaysee) really showed their strength of character in being willing to ADAPT to the challenges (mostly with Lochlan, but also with the cold nights, cold mornings, fire ban, etc.) and find abundant joy and fulfillment.  

And, as always, it was an absolute delight to come home to this magical place. 

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