Saturday, December 07, 2019

Keeping track

In the midst of the general chaos that is my life, and very possibly in the absence of a good portion of my sanity, I have been hard pressed to write, and keep up with this blog - journal. I want to keep track of every single day, all the tiny moments that impress me and leave me in wonder, but alas... this is what I'm left with. I've decided to simply post pictures of the past couple weeks so that in years to come the boys can look back and remember.

Golden happiness


Sister's hike in October 

This is my method for limiting the madness... I gather all the items that have landed in the places where they are not welcome and I put them in a heap. Then, my job is over and the boy's get to work! :-) 

Our dear friends from Nashville, Paul and Melanie... what a sweet visit! 

This is my biker gang. :-)

Then, Elizabeth and Anthony came all the way from Virginia to see us! 

Being with these two was such a treat!

Having a hay day. 

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