Tuesday, December 11, 2018

If dinner is not amazing...

It has been a grueling couple of days with Lochlan fighting yet another intestinal issue that resulted in copious amounts of vomit, 14 (no, seriously) loads of laundry, and a worry filled atmosphere. Daddy was out of town, of course, because that's mandatory for any intestinal issues to plague our family. The other boys have been stepping up to their manhood zealously and even made and fed themselves dinner last night. After they had eaten their dinner, tucked the ducks and bunny into bed for the evening and gotten themselves completely bed ready, I heard the kitchen filled with industry. 10 minutes later, they emerged in the bathroom, where I was attending to Lochlan, with a cup of hot tea (decaf - they emphatically stated!), and a plate full of yummy morsels for my dinner: grapes, peanuts, a carrot, and a hefty helping of butter smeared over a freshly baked biscuit (just the way I love it). Paugie said, "Mama, we tried to make you a dinner only out of things that we know you love." Well, you succeeded impressively.

Today, we tried to pretend like we were back in stride, but there was an obvious lull in everyone's exuberance and alas we all agreed to call this day what it was: the result of way too little sleep.

As I nobly (in my mind) pieced together dinner tonight from the depths of the fridge, I proudly called out: "Dinner! Come sit down!" Tiny human (Kelton), grumpily set down his toy, starting toward the table and subtly stated: "If it's not amazing, I'm going to toss it down the drain." I met him halfway to the table and said, "I'll meet you in the bathroom, young man." The bathroom - where all great "come to Jesus" meetings transpire. Tiny, I really like your face (it's a very nice face), but you have a responsibility to be a nice man and I'm going to help you embrace that responsibility. :-)

I hear 2 out of 3 of my canine children snoring rather blissfully, and I think they're really on to something. So, until next time...

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Lori said...

"Come into my office... I'll show you AMAZING." lol
Well done, mama. The boys are a treasure and a trove of endless entertainment.