Monday, October 29, 2018

He said goodbye

He also said, "Hi!" 

A month ago, Lochlan got an ear infection and was put on antibiotics. Almost immediately, his screaming increased to several hours a day - screaming from sheer frustration at not being able to communicate, screaming TO communicate, screaming from pain (most likely intestinal), screaming from anger about everything and nothing. It has been agonizing and every part of my brain (and, okay, my heart) feels taxed. 

The forward momentum in Lochlan's speech/communication all but ceased and was replaced by poor choices in behavior. Discouragement has been my close friend these past several weeks; hope, a distant memory. It's pitiful how easily we become despondent when the screaming (both literal and figurative) drowns out the singing around us. I know that I have frustrated Lochlan - he perceives my anxiety. He watches me and sees into my soul (I'm pretty sure) and his emotions often track my own, when mine aren't tracking his. 

So, today, as I approached my wall at a full gallop, my course was dramatically altered when Lochlan spontaneously said, "Hi" on a video message to Lori, and then "bye-bye" with a wave of his hand upon the conclusion of the message. I promptly burst into tears and a rather gushing outpouring of my delight. He laughed, patted my cheek ("Oh Mama, ye of little faith...") and left two other video messages, using his (two new) words.

I suppose men of few words are really and truly heard when speak they do. :-) 


Lori said...

I'm still SWOONING. Oh my gosh. I treasure that video... Loch... and you... and your family.

denisemayen said...

I'm praising God with you! How wonderful and exciting. Hang in there, honey, and keep holding fast to hope in the midst of the hard. (I'm doing the same here.) Love you and miss you!

teona said...

Heart hugs to you, my precious niece and to our Lochlan!💕