Thursday, February 15, 2018

Moving out

Disgruntled with his mother - again - Madigan sat down heavily and sighed. After a few moments of consideration, he said, "Well, I think I'm going to have to move out." I tried - I really tried - to force my face to reflect the somber mood that was appropriate to his frame of mind, but in my epic failure to do so, I turned away and asked, "What????!!!! Why?" Following a thoughtful pause, he continued: "Mostly, it's the sleeping arrangements. Paugie can be snarky at night and his overall attitude discourages me from sleeping." Yeah. Right. "Where will you move?" I pressed. "I'm thinking I'll move into the field, or perhaps the hay shed." Still struggling to keep my smile in check, I said, "Hmmm. Well, it's a worthy consideration if you're really frustrated and need some man time."

I assumed the notion was a fleeting one, after several days with no further mention of it. This morning, after his mother exasperated him yet again with her unreasonable demands (that he and his brothers clean up the mess they had made), he announced to Daddy and me (during our morning tea) that he had decided to "expedite my time frame on moving out" (his words). "I was originally considering making my move in a couple months, but I've decided that I'll do it in a couple weeks." I (helpfully) suggested that if he was already expediting it, perhaps he should move out today. He emphatically agreed that if I would help him set up his tent, he would be moved out by this evening. Though his original plan was to erect his new home in the horse pasture, I was able to convince him that the pine tree (right by the house in the backyard) would offer lovely shade for his afternoon solo reading time, and he agreed it was, hence, the preferable location.

He assured us that moving out would help cool his irritation. I (helpfully) suggested that it was quite likely to freeze his irritation (with the temps well below 32 degrees F.). He moved all his nightly belongings (and a couple favorite books + lanterns) into his new house and christened the home by successfully taking an afternoon nap in there. He informed me upon his post-nap return that it was helping him to be a man and think like a man.

As the darkness engulfed our evening and the chill in the air began getting a firmer foothold, he boldly claimed that he was ready and exited to the great unknown. 23.5 minutes later, he confidently strode back in and stated that it was "actually rather disturbing out there, all by myself, with the coyotes howling. If the silence wasn't so obvious, it would have been easier." Oh, you wise man. No shame in being sensible and in finding comfort in what you know to be true. :-) This man is intensely... everything that he is. I just stare at him all the time, in absolute awe and persistent delight.

Showing his brothers his new digs.

The man and his belongings ready for departure.

The new house.

Where the wild things grow... 


denisemayen said...

I LOVE this! He's like a wise old man trapped in a little person's body.

Sarahhh said...

It's hard being the oldest and wisest little person... :) what a man.

Jeanniebird said...

Oh Eryn, the way you handled this was so full of wisdom, no wonder your little man is soooo wise. I only hope when it is time for our little man to "expedite his move" I will also be wise. Cracked me up, sharing with Michael. Love you!