Sunday, February 25, 2018

It's the name of a Scottish city

but more importantly, the name of a great dog: Aberdeen. This pup joined our lives a few weeks ago, and she has given us so much joy, laughter and amazement.

For the last several months I've been considering the reality that Sabina is slowing down (not dramatically, but steadily) as age begins to stalk her. She is still quite spry and able to keep up with us on most of our hikes/rides, but I've noticed some lagging on the longer adventures and she is often pretty stiff on the days following our escapades into the woods. How do you prepare yourself for the toll that times takes and for the eventual loss of the perfect dog? Well... you don't. As a family, we decided we needed to find a dog that Sabina could mentor in all ways perfect (trail manners, property management, family protection, etc.) while she still has the energy and desire (most of the time) to do so. She seems to approve of our choice in apprentices.

When I saw this picture of Aberdeen, I knew. It was her eyes - all that is behind those eyes - that caught me. She says everything with those eyes. She's intelligent, observant, sensitive, absurdly fun to train, and she's smart enough to question things, but not beyond reason. She's bold - she's MOSTLY not afraid of the horses anymore, though she's smart enough to read Devany's cues that Aberdeen is not welcome in the stall. :-) She knows that a coyote howl means it's a good idea to stay close to Mommy, even if your bones are telling you to run to safety elsewhere.

PJ Moose is completely in love with her. She adopted her as her very own baby, but she treats her like a big sister should. She plays with her all throughout the day, but has maintained enough authority to tell Aberdeen when enough is enough and it's time to be a nice, calm dog, with soft white teefies safely closed within one's mouth. :-) Aberdeen has inspired Paisley to consider the merits of obedience and (dare I speak such blasphemy???) compliance.

"Deeni Bear", sharing a chair with J. Moose, in spite of the "No dogs on furniture" policy. :-) 

Paisley has also introduced Aberdeen to some of the finer things in life, like horse turds. Navigating sweet puppy kisses through turd breath is always an adventure. 

There are endless things we have yet to explore and I'm so excited that this beautiful creature is part or our family and alongside us on this journey! 

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Gwendolyn1946 said...

Yes... I’m glad we were able to bring her home to you all the way from Nashville. Definitely worth all the effort!