Saturday, January 07, 2017

The brilliance of darkness

I stopped the truck in the middle of the dark cinder road. The stars overheard were so bright against the night sky, with the moon's illumination hidden, on this night. The dark outline of the forest surrounded the meadow where I paused, but everything looked a blur until I glanced above me at the twinkling sky and breathlessly pondered the vast and sheer brilliance. It was a poignant reminder to me, that though we may be surrounded by darkness, it is that very darkness that makes us see the light (the brilliance of the stars - the brilliance of life). The stars do not "come out" at night... they're always there, but the darkness of the light helps us to see them.

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teona said...

I love this!
I have oft times pondered the same...and have reveled and danced in the darkness...