Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Let there be pigs

These summer days are filled - completely - with preparations for our upcoming move (to where, you ask? When we know, we'll be sure to tell you. The current runners up are: North Carolina, Ohio or Florida.) We've cleaned our house a couple hundred times and then re-cleaned it for good measure. We've patched every hole, replaced each tiny piece of trim, painted (and painted some more), weeded the flower beds, cut the grass (and re-weeded and re-cut the grass), and shuffled the boys outdoors multiple times to eliminate the active sabotage of any given cleaning exercise Mommy is entertaining herself with. 

Daddy and Mommy got a mini-vacation to Florida to scope out the possibilities and to get eaten by mammoth mosquitoes. Daddy was awfully cute smacking his own face, though. Thank you Ankie Tae for holding down the fort and thank you McGary boys for watching over Ankie Tae. You're a dependable bunch! 

The hot, humid days have hit with a force, but we are prepared! 

And got our handsome faces on! 

And our fish faces, too. 

And watch out world because Kelty is the selfie king, and you might be included if you're so lucky.

The baby birds are hatching (in our flower pot)! 

My phone keeps getting stolen only for me to discover little nuggets like these later on.

KC McCool is just... you know, bein' himself. Only the really cool can create new fashion trends - like upside down sunglasses.

Pool time is definitely afoot. And what band of bros doesn't relish a pink pool?

Paugie is still whimsical... in everything he does. Including spraying his brothers with the hose.

Jevy laughs himself silly in the hammock at his brother's shenanigans in the pool.

And charm bucket is generously distributing his supply on all of us - as usual. 

Today, after dropping Daddy off at the airport, Madigan and Paugie were praying for Daddy's safety and that we would be able to get a farm in our next adventure in life. Paugie added that he would really like to have Fancy and Devany at our farm. Madigan concluded the prayer with: "And... let there be pigs." So, if you see pigs in our future, you know who to blame. 


Gary said...

I also vote for pigs!!

Judson Hatcher said...

I luv bacon. -jud