Thursday, November 19, 2015


As I went about living this day filled with sunshine and cool fall air, the shadow was persistent and, as always, unwanted. I watched these four little humans galloping around the backyard, with so much joy in their hearts, with passionate interest in every detail and I thought about the life that was taken in but a blink of an eye and how earnestly he would have shared in their joy and their passion. As with every day, the nearly constant interruptions can become so tiresome, and yet I dare not take them for granted, for they are windows into the thoughts and hearts of these fine men and I know that I am deeply blessed to share in them (and have them endlessly shared with me). My father did not get to relish the endless conversations indefinitely as I have had the chance to do.

So, as I tuck away each treasured moment that comes (and goes, oh so quickly), I cannot but realize how rich I am, and how profoundly grateful I am to have had a father who, in the brief life we shared, showed me love unconditional, and exemplified the sustaining/life altering faith in his creator. I revel in the time I have been given.

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teona said...

I did love your daddy so!😊 And he cherished you two girls and adored your mama.