Monday, August 03, 2015

Butter on my cheesecake

You came flying into my arms 4 years ago and you haven't stopped amazing me since that first moment when I laid eyes on you. Watching you gallop into year four takes my breath away because the remarkable passing of time (Ahhh, these countless sweet moments that make up each day...) is excruciating, and also because it is BEAUTIFUL to see you becoming all that you were created to become! I know that I'm walking beside you now, holding your hand when you need me to, kissing your hurts, wiping your tears, holding you as tightly as I can - and I know that someday I'll walk behind you, cheering you forward, praying for you unceasingly, as you step fully into manhood, and embrace all that you are intended to be. I love you my Paugie boy. 

Tonight as you ate your (specially requested) cheesecake, you looked up and asked for some butter to go on top. When I questioned your desire, you assured me in earnest that butter was the perfect topping for cheesecake. Who am I to argue? You're the birthday boy! 

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