Saturday, August 24, 2013

August Ponderings

For those of you who need your fix, here are Tiger tales from this week:

"Paugie was born in the ambulance. Taco (Lochlan), Hun-Hun and I were born in the hospital." Mommy: "I think Hun-Hun was born in a factory." "No, Mommy, Hun-Hun was born with me at the hospital." Naturally.
As I was giving the "little boys" a bath, side by side in the kitchen sink, Madigan assisted in washing their hair. He patted Lochlan's head and said, "We are making memories my sweet brother." Can he be for real?
As we left the grocery store last Monday, Madigan turned around in the stroller and SHOUTED: "Goodbye my friends!" Touching. And slightly awkward. :-)
After putting the smaller men down for their naps one afternoon, Madigan slid next to me on the couch, placed his paw on my arm and said, "Mommy, would you like to have tea together?" Dear boy, how could I say no?
"Mommy, what happened to the sunflowers?" "They died." Pause. "But Mommy, they don't have batteries! They didn't die." We still have a few things to learn in this life.
We took Daddy to the park this morning (you know how restless he gets when he doesn't get his outdoor time!), so that Madigan could prove his climbing wall skills. After we had departed from the park, however, the Tiger realized that he had forgotten to swing whilst at the park; a thorough meltdown ensued. When the wretched mother refused to return to the park, Madigan looked at Declan and said, "Paugie, we're ruined!". The drama may be hereditary.

Paugie has been taking time to "chill out" (in the refrigerator) on these balmy August days. We can be frequently heard calling out: "Paugie, please get out of the refrigerator." This little man has one of the most grateful hearts I have ever seen. He faithfully says: "Thank you Ma!", or "Thank you, Da", followed by one of his mesmerizing smiles. He loves to read with me at night, while Daddy is playing with the Tiger in the front room. He is very particular about where I should sit, where he should sit, and which blanket should be involved in the process.

Lochlan is the happiest guy in town, while simultaneously running for the record of "man who sleeps least in this world". An impressive feat to be sure, but he is a truly remarkable boy (as I have always said) and is indeed accomplishing both successfully! His smile brightens up the world around him, no matter where in that world he happens to be. He still loves to be hunkered down in my hip-pack, which makes for a lot more convenient outings during the week. Then, I have only 2 critters to corral at any given moment!

We made 24 quarts of organic applesauce this week. The project seemed to take the entire week long, but I think it actually only took about 6 hours total. The results were inspiring!

And Mommy's accomplishments for this week? 6 loads of laundry washed, line dried (still don't have a functioning dryer), folded AND put away by Friday evening. I'm counting it all as victory!

Man on the fly!
Can you tell I love my big brother?!
I mean, they just LOVE each other!
Paugie, Chillin' Out.
Preparing to "chill out"
Rainy day snuggle bugs.

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