Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Too important

We've all been fairly house-bound these past several days, due to a nasty bug invading our personal space (nasal passages). That hasn't put a stop to much around here, though.
Lochlan, the Lion? Well, he's been super busy charming the socks off all of us, which isn't any good in this cold weather. He can't help it though... the smiles just won't go away! He even added teeth cutting (the man already has 1 tooth to his name!), runny nose and icky cough just to see how the smile would fair, but to no avail. I call him "Happytown", where grumpiness just isn't welcome. He is insistent on the virtues of community, though, and thus rather emphatic about the necessity of never being alone. Hence Mommy's new baby carrier! I highly recommend the Scootababy carrier. It is allows Lochlan to sit on my hip, while leaving me hands-free and it is incredibly supportive. I walked 2 miles with him in it today and felt like I wasn't even carrying him! Sweet.
Declan, the Pauge? Well, his inquisitive mind is constantly gleaning all that it can. I often look over to see him deeply concentrating on a new "project", trying to figure out how something works, or mimicking the antics of his big brother. He is nourishing his independent leanings of late, so has to do everything "all by himself". No assistance needed is the MO in Paugeland. He would be the first to assure you that independence is overrated, though, and there's always time to cuddle. I looked at him this evening, and this very sharp pain hit my heart... "please stop growing up so fast my little brown bear" I found myself whispering.
Madigan, the Tiger? To summarize even a day in the life of a Tiger is simply not to do it justice. He is constantly building, tearing apart, organizing, terrorizing, trying to be obedient, throwing obedience to the wind, kissing on his brothers (and patting their little heads), snatching toys from Paugie, following his parent's careful guidance, throwing caution to the wind, and running, running, running some more. Truly a sight to behold, if you're lucky enough to catch a glimpse.
And dessert: (famous Tiger phrases from this week)
  1. "Mommy, I can't take a nap. I'm too important!" Now, I understand. 
  2. As I carefully pried a hot pink bottle of shimmery lip gloss from his covetous hands whilst shopping at Target, he announced, "Mommy, it's what every boy needs!" To be sure. 
  3. The three cherubs and I were exiting the grocery store, when Madigan spotted a man getting out of his car which was parked in front of ours. Madigan announced (rather loudly, much to my chagrin), "It's Daddy!" I corrected him and said, "No, that's not Daddy. He just has a hat like Daddy." Madigan then shrieked, "It's the NEW Daddy. And he has a NEW car!" I said, "But what about Daddy?" Madigan stated, "Old Daddy is at work." Then, as the man disappeared inside the store, Madigan wailed, "I want the New Daddy!" The lady sitting in her car next to me saw how much trouble I was having keep my composure and she rolled her eyes and laughed out loud. That night, when George came home from work, Madigan's first comment? "Hi, Old Daddy." A funny comment on it's own, but given the context, I couldn't stop laughing. 
  4. Today, Madigan was doing the "potty dance" so I told him to try to go potty. He grudgingly marched into the bathroom, and I heard him whispering to himself. I asked him if everything was alright. He replied, "The Potty Train is gone." "What do you mean it's gone?" "The Potty Train has left the Station." (Desperately trying to keep a straight face...) "OK, you can just try again later." Pause... "Mommy, the Potty Train is back in the station!" Mission accomplished. But seriously... imagine how confusing the whole concept of potty training must have been to him... 

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Joshua said...


Potty "train"-ing to be sure.

And "new daddy"? Hilarious.

When I was that age, so the story goes, I called out "daddy" to a rather shady guy at a Long John Silver's restaurant. My mom diverted attention to the life size sculpture of Captain Silver in the corner and said "that pirate DOES look like your daddy..."