Thursday, March 07, 2013

Trader Joes Must Haves

To my Austinite family/friends who are excitedly awaiting the arrival of Trader Joes, here is a list of "must haves" from our pantry to yours:

  • Cornbread mix (just a little taste of heaven - make sure to substitute butter for the oil, though)
  • Kefir 
  • Frozen mango (in the frozen fruit section) - awesome in smoothies
  • Pub cheese (cheddar) - melt and mix into the next item. Serve with chips, or over chicken
  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Almond Meal (almonds, finely ground) - perfect to substitute for flour in waffles, etc.
  • 50% less salt, roasted almonds
  • Organic blue corn chips 
  • Vanilla pods (if you are interested in making your own vanilla)
  • Swiss Chard - SO delicious as a substitute for kale. We make it just like kale chips.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips - the best EVER.
  • Greek yogurt - the honey is the best
  • Whole milk organic yogurt, French vanilla. It is like eating ice cream! But, it's great for the kiddos!
  •  Irish Breakfast tea. We might use it for everything... including chai  lattes. :-) 
  • Organic produce - it's always fresh. 
  • Frozen organic veggies - the boys love the asparagus, spinach, green beans and bell peppers.
  • Organic raisins - they are SO FRESH! 
  • Chocolate - they have really good chocolate. 
That's a start... you will love it! 

And (totally unrelated) here are some tidbits from the peanut gallery this week: 
"Mommy, I can't obey. Today I am talking in Chinese." Meaning you no longer understand English?
 "Daddy, Mommy's crazy. She was trying to put us down for a nap." Just informing Daddy about the day's happenings.
 "Paugie, you need to be quiet so that Mommy can concentrate on finding trains." Madigan is so good about explaining to Declan why screeching in the car is counter productive to the overall family agenda: chasing trains.
 "Baby Devs (Devany) needs to live in the basement. That way we won't have to go to the barn all the time." Good point.
"Baby Lochlan, please be quiet. I neeeeeeeeeed you to be kind to me and Paugie."
"Paugie, Daddy goes to work so he can be big and strong." 


biomcgary said...

Where did Madigan even hear about Chinese? Have we been discussing the Smith's around him?

kmac said...

Why are these kids so dang funny? They completely crack me up!