Thursday, June 07, 2012

Those little things...

Sitting on the couch, listening to the brothers chatting it up in their beds upstairs... bedtime can be such sweet relief, even if they're not asleep yet. My mind is mostly blurry from today's bustling activities - thank you exhaustion - but through the fog there are so many things that made this day special. I wish I had time/energy to write a synopsis of each day's happenings, just to reflect back on one day when the seasons have passed and I miss the Ol' days.

Woke up early, hitched up trailer and finished getting my winter's supply of fresh green hay. Earned some brownie points with my equine companions today.

Played ball with Declan, who can catch it! I roll it to him and he reaches out, grabs it, snuggles with it, then sends it back to me.

Watched Auntie Virginia showing Bundle more "O"s on things around the house, only to hear him point out an "O" with much enthusiasm tonight! We've been teaching him the letter "O" for 2 days now, pointing it out on anything and everything we can find... even hopped out at a stop sign to point out the "O"! He gets it and is so excited!

Watched Sabina, the crazy white dog, pounce on Fur Elise, the barn kitty, with glee. Fur Elise didn't even move! Those two are inseparable. If you look out in our field on any given day, you are likely to see our little herd: 1 white dog, 1 teeny cat and 1 brown goat.

Upon finishing chores tonight at the barn, I discovered two little creatures in the bed of the pickup, soaked with milk that they had successfully spilled all over one another. Because it was whole, non-homogenized milk, there was an oily film all over the truck and the children. Hose time, much to their chagrin.

Sat on porch staring at my plants for a while.

I'm loving this garden so much! Listened to Declan try to sound out words after we say them. He's tried: White Dog, Mama, Nigh-Night, Dog, Hi, Wow. Just so precious!

Could not stop laughing when Bundle told Daddy, "Bye Bye George (with a definite Boston accent)". And then later, as he announced "George at work. George not home." I do try to correct him and remind him that George and Daddy are one in the same, and thus he should refer to Daddy as Daddy, but it's just so funny. Sigh.

Of course there was the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, Tiger-sans-nap routine, dog's vaccines, dinner to prepare, fly in my tea, dog tu-tu on floor, the toy tornado that hit the lower story of the house, etc... but all in all, it was a good day, to be sure.


kmac said...

I read this through the first time, then made a cup of tea and read through it a second time, savoring every word.

Gary said...

Such are the blessings of parenting, and you are a blessed parent--and wonderful mom, indeed!