Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The little men in my life.

Madigan-phrases-I-love from this day:
"Hook up the horse trailer hitch"
"Water the Morning Glory"
"Walnuts and raisins for snack"
"Mama H (Mama Horse) needs hay"
"Happy Baby" (while patting my tummy)
"Happy truck" (after I got gasoline this afternoon)
"Hi Dec!"
"Dazun Not Home!" ("Nope, Daddy's at work", we reply)
"GumBum wearing orange" (while looking at a picture of Grandma wearing a red sweater)

Special Declan Moment from today: 
Declan was fussing while I was bustling about the house. He had been crawling after me from room to room, but eventually his little knees were just tired and the frustration was getting to him. So, I walked over and picked him up. I turned on some George Winston piano music and started dancing with him. He smiled up at me, put his thumb in his mouth (those poor little teething gums) and laid his head on my shoulder. He stayed like that through 3 songs! My heart was melted into a puddle.

I can't believe how much these little brothers love each other. Of course, there are those moments when sharing isn't all it's cracked up to be and crabby babies aren't always the most selfless, but there are no words to convey how sincerely these they care about each other. The spend their early mornings talking to each other from their cribs... giggling, shouting, talking and bouncing around. Whenever Declan starts to cry, Madigan brings him a toy he thinks D might enjoy and pats D's little head. Delcan spends a good portion of his day crawling after his brother, trying desperately to keep up with his every movement. When they see each other after "nap"time, they both smile and giggle. Yesterday, I saw Declan climb over, pull up on a chair where Madigan was sitting and snuggle his face next to Madigan, who returned the gesture by kissing D's nose. I wish I could bottle up these moments...


kmac said...

Love those boys! All three of them!

Gwendolyn said...

Such adorables you have on your very capable hands. How I love to read your makes them not seem quite so far you all more than there are words to say. Mom

denisemayen said...

Oh that last story is so precious! I already see C doing some of that to A and I look forward to a future friendship for them!