Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Differences - highlighted

Krista's blog entry regarding the notable differences between these three sisters inspired the following example:

Jessica's version:
Only at midnight
When the hands of the clock stood up tall
Did we guess how large
The world was

When the round curve
Of the moon in unbroken deeps
Shivered the scudding clouds
And burst past branches
With a revelation:
The loneliness betwixt
Might be, not in her,
But us. It may be we
(An old deep legend) who
Are broken, while the world
Dances through unspoken
Atmospheres and
Beauty confounds us
By being good.

It is not the dead that
Walk at this deep birth
Of dawn, but the Living
And all things shake loose
Our words, brimming to
Being, and sow us
Speechless with wonder.

Krista's version:
  • It's 12:00AM
  • The Moon said something
    1. People are lonely
    2. The beauty of nature confuses people
  • Living people are awake at this hour (I cannot imagine why/how)
  • I want to talk but I can't
Eryn's Version:
Only at midnight did I finally have a moment to think, with the blissful quiet that comes when kids are fast asleep.

The moon is a reminder that someone much bigger is in control, even when the world is spinning (after all, it is).

I'm alive and happy, but too tired to say anything else.

...And Virginia's Version:
At midnight, we saw the moon. It was round, and clearly in space. As we saw it through the clouds and branches, there was a revelation. The reason the moon seems so lonely, is because we are interpreting it through our own pitiful existence. Nature is far-reaching and beauty is good.

Zombies don't walk around at midnight, but weird humans do. Our words bring us into being, but our mouths have been duct-taped with wonder.


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Gwenn said...

I am speechless. How absolutely right on each of those is. How funny!

p&k said...

Just saw Krista's post, and love this response . . . okay, and I love kim's comment too. You ALL are hilarious! :)