Saturday, March 17, 2012

Defiance and other great things

Theme of the week: defiance. It's been a clear case of first born (red head/Tiger/child) vs. second born (people-pleaser/mommy). I've always felt like a pretty confident person, and not exactly a push-over. Nevertheless, I think I was given a Tiger to keep me humble and to make me stronger. :-) Each day this past week was "opposite day" in our house: whatever mommy says, make sure you do the opposite. And do it over and over. It's like a wonderful scientific experiment. So this is where gray hair comes from!

Other (possibly more noteworthy, and definitely more encouraging) notes:

Declan is now sitting up on his own like a total pro! When he's not in the throws of teething, he is smiling and delightful... by far the happiest baby I've ever known. How can one little person be so much precious in one place?

Declan got his first tooth!

Madigan's vocabulary is so incredibly much fun! A few examples include: diggadoos (feet), ninian (Madison), Go-Go (Valiant, aka Good Girl), ewieyewieyewie (Ella Berry), CUUM (vacuum), Devs (Devany), Fantz (Fancy), Gains (grains, as in horses), Hump (baby monitor), Hots (diffuser), Tie (Chai), etc.

We've been making Madigan a Vanilla Steamer before bed at night and he is SPOILED! He loves them. We mix steamed milk with 1/2 teaspoon vanilla and 1 teaspoon honey (almost) and they are delicious.

Madigan has been helping us mix the feed (grains) in the morning at the barn and he's starting to really pick up on how to measure things and which color of buckets are which. It's incredible to watch him go out of his way to help us, often taking his own initiative to start picking out the stall and getting hay ready to go into the hay bags. He's a born helper! And, he loves to work!

And, it looks like Declan might be potty trained before Madigan. Seriously. He goes on the potty several times a day, making cloth diapers a much more rewarding option for him (and Mommy's happy too!). Even at Chipotle today, he acted like he needed to go potty, so I rushed him in the bathroom where he took care of his business straight away. I'm astounded!

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p&k said...

Gorgeous portraits!! We deal with defiance on occasion, too. :)