Monday, October 24, 2011

The unfortunate truth about my brain

Last night, before heading to bed, I placed a cup of dog food on the bathroom counter, as a morning reminder to take food out to the barn for our barn dog, Sabina. Later, as I was taking my vitamins, I reached for the cup of dog food rather than the full glass of water sitting next to it and I very nearly swallowed a mouthful of the yummy chow. It would have made taking vitamins a whole new experience!

And, today's brain activity: I pulled up to the Starbucks drive-thru to order my deeply-adored-no-water-chai-latte, but the barista did not immediately acknowledge my arrival. After waiting patiently for 4 seconds, I reached up and pressed the garage door opener. What was I hoping to accomplish by such an action? Not sure, but it seemed perfectly logical at that moment. The barista was so entertained when I explained what I had done that she upgraded my drink size for free!


Lisa said...

LOL. I completely understand about the garage door opener. Perhaps you were hoping it would open the service window.

I've come home more than once and attempted, without thinking, to unlock our front door with my car key fob. In case your wondering, it doesn't work.

denisemayen said...

You have just made my morning! That is truly hilarious, and if I had even as much mental capacity as you do right now, I might be able to remember several similar stories from my pregnancy brain in the last few months. :) I miss you dearly!

Barbara said...

I laughed so much reading your post. For some reason I've been pushing the garage door remote button every time I'm about to leave my car...even when I'm not at home! Doesn't do me much good then! I will blame pregnancy brain. :D SO great seeing you this past weekend!