Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moments in this day...

You're all missing out if you haven't heard Kris reading horse stories to Madigan, sounds included. I NEVER thought I would hear my husband neigh with such finesse. Really admirable - of course, Madigan is a great coach on the art of neighing.

Additional special moments from today:
I put Madigan in his carseat next to Declan's car seat which was empty since I hadn't yet strapped the wee tike in. Madigan was immediately alarmed about his missing brother and started squawking... at first I thought it was out of concern for his missing Tigger, but even handing him the beloved Bear did not reduce his fervor. I asked him, "Are you looking for Declan?" He started giggling and nodding his head and said "ESSSS!(Yes)".

I can hear Declan's happy moans while he sleeps on my lap as I type. The sound could be recorded but I wouldn't want to create baby noise junkies.

This afternoon, Madigan told Valiant to hop off the couch (we're trying to keep the little Scottish wonders off the furniture). When she obeyed him, he walked over to her and patted her gently on the head. Such a tender boy!

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