Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tigger Pooh

Tigger Pooh has made into this blog before, but as we all know, not enough can be said for a faithful bear. Madigan and his Tigger Pooh (aptly named since he is a Pooh Bear wearing a Tigger costume) are nearly inseparable. We have reasoned with Madigan that taking Tigger Pooh to the barn might put the dear bear at the mercy of the cunning crazy white dog's teeth, so in that event alone are they parted each day.

Tonight, I found Madigan strapping Tigger Pooh into Declan's carseat, ever so carefully... he did have to use his foot to cram him into the base of the seat, but our family moto is: "Use whatever means necessary to ensure the saftey of your bear's travel".

I do start to wonder, sometimes, at this bear and the influence he's had in all of our lives. This evening I plopped Madigan into a quick bath before bed time, scrubbing him down with his shampoo/bath wash, working efficiently to expedite the process. After thoroughly washing down his little tummy, I quickly moved onto Tigger Pooh to give him a swift scrub, completely covering the little orange head with soapy lather before I realized that something was amiss. Tigger Pooh, who was gingerly sitting in front of his boy, submerged to his torso in the bath water, seemed perfectly at ease with the situation. Wow.

For bed time, I had to rapidly improvise and retrieve the "back up Tigger Pooh" from my hope chest where he is stored for such crises. Tigger Pooh #1 was given a brief holiday and can currently be found fanning himself.




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Gwendolyn said...

So precious. For some reason, there are little tears at the corners of my eyes :-)

kmac said...

Me too!