Thursday, September 15, 2011

Declan, I love you.

Declan, tonight, as I gave you little kisses all over your face, I heard your first baby cooing noises and I wanted to pause time, indefinitely. I was filled with utter delight with you and who I see you already becoming and simultaneously I felt inexplicable pain that life is so fleeting and THESE moments pass us by so quickly, shoving us into the next moment, next day, next season. Your spontaneous and frequent smiles, your scrootching noises, the way you snuggle into my neck so contentedly, your big blue eyes, and your expressive hands - observing these things (and so many more) brings me endless joy and makes me wish to savor every moment I'm given. It is moments like these that make it worth sifting through the suffering in this life.

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Gwendolyn said...

I thank God that you are so aware of the brevity of life...that you have taught yourself to savor even the tiniest moments, because these shall pass. The more you allow to be imprinted, the sweeter will be your memories when you are my age. My memories are very sweet, for the most part. You and your sisters gave me much to savor...and believe me, I did :-)