Thursday, August 11, 2011


Madigan has been an absolutely incredible "big" brother. I did not really know what to anticipate from our Tiger in bringing Declan home - would he be oblivious? Resentful? Excited? As soon as we arrived home from the hospital we said, "Bundle, look what we brought home for you! It's a baby brother!" He came racing into the living room and immediately plastered Declan with kisses all over his face. He has continued to bond with Declan, and always greets him with kisses and snuggles. This morning when I was changing Declan's diaper, Madigan walked up, laid his head on D's chest and just held it there the whole time. So precious!

Declan is a stellar baby... he sleeps, eats, poos, pees and gives us virtually no grief. He seems so easy going, but then it may be relative considering who we are comparing him to. :-) He has already gained 8 oz. since he was born (now weighing in a 8.1) and is 21.5 inches long. What a boy!

Madigan has been a little resentful toward us (the parents), and has needed a little extra "dance time", singing time, helping Mommy in the kitchen time, barn duty, etc. He has been taking his dance moves to a new level with the help of Auntie Virginia and Daddy. And, since he NEVER stops moving unless he's asleep, we've replaced some of his reading time (which usually consists of him running around the house while we read out loud to him - surely he's absorbing some of the content!) with hymn singing time. He will actually sit still for such fun and LOVES the hymns. I love this little music man.

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Gwendolyn said...

I simply can't wait to get there...August 29th!!!This grandma is growing quite desperate to see, touch, hold and just basically love on these precious little boys!!