Thursday, November 18, 2010

You know it's cold when...

You get frost bite on your toes as you climb out of bed in the morning.
The butter is hard as a rock in the butter dish on the kitchen counter.
You don't have to refrigerate your food because it actually stays colder if you leave it out.
The whole family dons snow suits and scarfs indoors to stay comfortable.
You take a drive in your car just as an excuse to sit in front of a heater.
Hot tea has to be consumed briskly before it turns into iced tea.
You start baking all sorts of unncessary items just to feel the comforting presence of the oven.
The whole family has runny noses.

Our heaters and hot water heater decided to collaborate and quit working at the same time. They picked the perfect week, too... the coldest week so far this fall. Awesome. Here are some photos of Bundle all "bundled up" in his winter getup.

Here's to warm showers, warm toes and warm noses!




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Gwenn said...

Bless your little Pollyanna heart!
Such endearing photos...OH HOW I MISS THAT LITTLE BUNDLE!

cheryl said...

I'm so sorry!!! Reminds me of a similar time we had. Nothing like wearing hats and mittens inside your own house. Hope it all gets fixed soon!