Sunday, November 07, 2010


Two exciting, totally non-related things have been happening over the past couple days. First, we've been preparing everything at the barn for winter (planting the fields in wheat and rye for next year, cleaning pens, refreshing the shavings, making fence/barn/stall repairs, etc.). One item I'm particularly excited about is that we got my trailer under the barn overhang. Yippee! This will greatly extend the life of my trailer from rust, as it won't be subjected to the elements. I wasn't sure it would fit, but there it is!

Second, I've been practicing the piano for almost an hour each day and though it's helped my playing improve, the greater reward is that Bundle has started to show a keen interest in it! He frequently walks over and starts tapping the keys with a big smile on his face. When I'm playing, he often asks to climb into my lap and we play a "duet" of sorts. :-) So much fun to watch his interest and fascination with how it works.

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kmac said...

Bundle-licious! Maybe he will direct all that intense energy into being a concert pianist! I'm convinced that boy could do / be anything he put his mind and energy toward. Well, maybe not an auditor, I wouldn't want that job for him anyways!

Sarahhh said...

I love your pictures :)