Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Suffering from a guilty conscience

Valiant is our notorious "wicked puppi" and yet she is in actuality a very good puppy most of the time. However, she feels the burden of a guilty conscience more visibly than anybody else I know! It doesn't even have to be her guilt. When Madison has an "accident" on the floor, Valiant runs and hides under the bed. As Uncle Ryan put it: "Uh oh, Valiant is hiding, what did Darjee (Val's cousin) do?"

Today, however, Valiant was a truly guilty puppy. Krista came in to find one of her sandals blotted with little teefy marks all over and Valiant missing (aka under the bed). I am completely baffled about why she has this fetish for Auntie's shoes; I leave my shoes out every day and they are completely unscathed. There must be something special about Aunties shoes! Any ideas?

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