Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Known Facts about me

• I was known as “Eryn McBean, Leader of the Popcorn Gang” growing up – The popcorn gang officially consisted of cousin Gabe and KristaKrantz
• My favorite toy was my stick horse(s). I actually wore out two of them. I rode my stick horse so much that I even started to develop knee problems when I was 9 years old, so my parents had to put up “riding restrictions”: No cantering for a week.
• I tortured Krista with pranks when we were teenagers. Really tortured… she’s a saint.
• My Golden Retriever (and I) won 3 championships and the Grand Championship in obedience at the County Fair in Oregon when I was 10 years old. That’s not something that could ever happen now that I’m owned by Scotties… obedience is optional as we all know.
• I took oil painting for several years… look where it got me! Okay, so my destiny wasn’t to be an artist.
• Jessica almost drowned me when I was 16 and she was 4. True story. I luv yeeeewwww too!
• I served ants, intentionally, at a ladies Bible study. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hey, what they didn’t know didn’t hurt them, right???

How about you? I would love to know little known facts about YOU.

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gwendolyn said...

OK, here goes nothing :-)...When I was about 6, I saw a butchered pig hanging upside down. It nearly did me in. We lived in a stupid little town called Oracle Jct. and resided in a rented and I thnk haunted house. The pig was down the road and I happened upon it on a walk.shortly thereafter, we moved to San Manuel, a new mining town where my dad served the miners lunch from his little concession stand. When not in miserable school, which it certainly was for me in those days, I donned my leather fringe jacket, feathered headdress, moccassins and bow and arrow and headed out to the desert near our house and played Indian for hours upon hours. My dad built me a swing set with a tetter totter, upon which i put bricks and a blanket to make a sort of saddle and whoopee. Off I would ride into the imaginary sunset...whenever I could get my little friend to occupy the other end :-) when we moved to Mesa, I was 9we moved to Mesa and I was able to buy my first horse, a 2 yr. old palomino mare for $60.00 (I had saved $57 the prior 3 years) and my dad and I spent countless hours riding bareback out in the desert. I guess my kids come by the horse fever quite naturally. My granddfather gave me a violin about the same time and between the two, I defined the boundaries of my life. These two things are still a part of my life. Strange, huh?