Thursday, June 19, 2008


One of my favorite things is to see my horse looking out her stall window. Ever since she was a little baby, she's always looked out the window to see if we are coming. Sometimes, if I don't get out of my car and to her stall fast enough for her expectations, she starts pawing the ground in frustration.

I love having a horse that loves people. She helps me connect to people I might otherwise not naturally connect to. No person is an exception for her affection or exempt from her expectations - if you're standing around with idle hands, you might as well be giving a back rub to a most grateful recipient. If you're lonely or depressed, she assumes that the best cure is to cuddle a very large animal - and she's usually right.

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Unknown said...

yep... that's just how I remember her! Hey, I met Michelle Shean today. We went on a hike in False Cape State Park to collect wild blueberries. Then we took them to some place where Michelle taught us how to prepare tasty organic treats with them! I mentioned you and she sure did remember you!!