Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good Times (this week)

In no particular order:
Lying on the couch with a Scottie body cuddled close.
Coffee and long talk with Kim.
Picking basil for lunch.
Riding Fancy in the woods.
Celebrating my hubby's birth.
Talking to Mom.
Volleyball with some of my favorite people.
Hugs from Danielle.
Progress on my book!!!
Encouragement from Denise.
Hot tea and German chocolate cake.
Reading "Good to Great" and getting motivated.
Sitting in George's lap.
Grande chai latte.
Listening to Cold Play.
Reading Patrick and Kim's story.
Listening to Matt's sermon (Wow!)
Rain on a sunny day.


biomcgary said...

Grande chai latte? What happened to Venti?

McBean said...

Cutting back... SLOWLY. :-)