Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The things we value

As I pulled into our apartment complex this evening, I saw two women carrying a shelf over to the dumpster area. I (secretly) stalked them and when they were gone I trotted down to see if their junk could possibly be my treasure. :-) Indeed, I was not disappointed. I hoisted the rack onto my arms and hauled it up the unending stairs that lead to our home. It now resides outside our door as the shoe rack and because it is solid wood, stands up on it's own (unlike the previous rack, which needed quite a bit of help to fulfill its intended function)!

So, to totally change the subject... I am consistently reminded that though we each value different things, we're highly programmed in our culture. I think the more I have been away from mainstream media (since we don't watch TV, anymore), the more I'm realizing my own taste in things. My likes and dislikes have become more unique, but also well defined. I am less influenced by what others deem valuable or desired (or at least by what is portrayed in commercials). It's kinda' fun getting to know myself a little better. :-) The terrific part is that I'm starting to observe and appreciate more about my hubby too! He's swell!

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